Top 5 Richest Comedian in Nigeria

5 Richest Comedians

Forgive us we will be grandiloquent in writing about these opulent personnel,most especially the well know king of comedy,the man who has been always their for the up-coming stars,it is pellucid that due to his jester extraordinaire he is well respected among other comedians,these king is no other person than Ali BaBa the great.

He has won so many awards right from the year 2001-2010,these awards are as follows: Laughter Awards – Baziks Theatre Abuja,Laughter Incorporated,Delta State University,Pendulum Awards LASU National Association of Physics Student,1st Nigeria Entertainment Awards,National Comedy Award,Eric’s Entertainment Inc ,Lagos State University,City People Entertainment,RCCG,The News,Diamond Award for Comedy,City People Entertainment,National Daily Award,Comedy for Change,and so others.

Some of the opulent offspring of these noble man will be clearly stated below in an Ascending manner
The first on our list is about the above genius king Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere,better known by his stage name Ali BaBa,he was born in Warri, Delta State, on June 24, 1965 to the Royal Family of Agbarha Otor.

we found out that he has a home in Lekki worths N300 million,it is always a huge charge seeing Ali BaBa on your event it’s range from N4 to 5 Million,the shocken news is that he is always sure of 2 events per worth N3billion.

2. Basket mouth
Bright Okpocha (born 14 September 1978 in Lagos), better known by his stage name Basket mouth , this hilarious guy seems to be very good in comedy he is seen as the No 1 comedian and he receives not less than N120million annually from his endorsement deal alone.

His basket mouth uncensored show gives him another huge sum of N100 Million , as if that is not enough his income in general is over N360 Million,he has won National Comedy Award and the awards for Best Stand-up Comedian of the Year,and so many others.with the net worth of N2Billion.

3. I go dye
Francis Agoda (born 4 April 1979), popularly known as I Go Die is a Nigerian comedian he is the father of Warri comedy show ,An ambassador,with a fat income that keeps his bank account pilling up every second.

I go dye the ever slim comedian is said to own revamp construction, revamp deals in real estate properties and road construction.

He has won the following awards:African Best Comedian,The Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation of Europe-SPAIN Award for his contribution to Nigerian culture and art,The Nigeria Best Comedian Award (NEA AWARD)[7],The National Comedy Award (NCA) he with the income between N350 and N500million ,and net worth of over N2billion.

4. Julius Agwu

He is another gifted comedian that once  into involve politics and without wasting much time he logedout of political system . He has written several books on jokes and that alone gives him nothing less than N20million .

Julius is the CEO of Real Laff entertainment,an organizer of crack your ribs and laugh for Christ sake, fetching him N140 Million annually, and he charges N3 Million per show.including properties scattered across the country. He’s indeed a money making Machine (MMM) His net worth is N1.5billion.

5. A y

The last on the list we have Ayo Makun;Ayodeji Richard Makun, also known by his stage name A.Y He is a comedian that surely knows how to make you laugh even when you are not in the mood .

He is also a Nollywood actor ,acted in the movie that titled,he has won so many awards from 2008-2013 which is as follows:Comedian of the year: Diamond Awards for Comedy, Teens Favorite, MBG Abuja Merit Awards, National Daily Awardsm, Arsenal Award for Excellence, Mode Men of the year Awards,U.N Peace Ambassador, Nigerian Entertainment Awards,Most creative Entrepreneur of the year.

His annual show fetches him N160million. Ay appearance fee is 1 to 2million per event,while his annual income is 25 to 28million,and his net worth is amounted to N800million.

It is really a privileged meet can as well be popular by filling the boxes below,this also maybe your chance.

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