Top 5 Female Musicians 2017 And Opulent Rate

Top 5 Female Musicians 2017The year 2017 has been another great year for Nigeria’s music industry as we have witnessed the growth of several superstars with hit songs,endorsement and more.This list take into account the opulent female musician in Nigeria from last year 2016 till date.however,in no particular order, is so much   naijarecuitment  happy to present top 5 richest female musician in Nigeria

At this junction we are going to unleash what we have been waiting for ”Top five richest female musician in Nigeria,at the same time we are going to applaud them for their musical effort in Nigeria and Africa in general the world.

Tiwa Savage
On the first on the list we have our awesome damsel who happen to be married to a well known man namely Teebliz Balogun,automatically her name now has become Tiwatope Savage Balogun,she was born on the 5th day of February in the year 1980.she was in UK where she was with so many foreign musicians especially in America before she came to Nigeria and sang a popular song kele-kele love,after ward she got sighed into Mavis record were is meant to be her promise land.she is worth $4.85 million.

Yemi Alade
This is another outstanding Nigeria musician who has really devote she time in her business,she apparently stringed out when she released the song JONNY which was introduced by Sele Bobo.she ia also the fast rising and stylish songstress who is currently into three contracts with big companies which close-up toothpaste is involve.

This is another tremendous singer who has a melodious voice which moves everyone that listen to her song,she is really in songs this has taking her afar of.she was born on the 13th day of April 1982,she is currently the ambassador for GLOBACOM,KONGA.COM,MORTEIN AND MALTA GUINESS. She worths $3 million.

Small but might she is;she won the MTN project fame west Africa in 2010.she is really a talented lady.she worth $2.8 million.

Seyi Shay
This is a lady who reside in U K for a long period of time but could not utmost her to the apex decided to return to Nigeria the gifted land and guess what is now one the richest in Nigeria today,she has done so many songs with two hit songs among all.she worth $2.1 million.
This is the end of the top 5’s.but among them there are also some outstanding musicians who are improving and aiming high to be choosing among the apex once they are as follows.

  1. waja
  2. Niyola cynthia morgan
  3. Eva Alordia
  4. Nneka

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