Top 10 Richest Woman in the World

It will be inevitable if we scorn this rating

According to the record from the America magazine’Forbes’ women are taking active participating in various activities for there is a saying that says’ what a man can do, a woman can do also’in times past naijanewshub talked about the top 10 richest men in the world,today being 19th of march 2017 we will enunciably discuss the top 10 opulent women in the world.

 Most powerful and influential women in the world

This rating will be explicitly rated based on Forbes information these women are very powerful in terms of wealth they have great influence around the world in general.The rating will be based on what these women owns, control etc.

Though men have really taking over in terms of riches but the allocated fact is that these women are nevertheless among the world influences.
The question which numerous folks ask is that who they are and how these women made their wealth?Number one on the list is no other person than a remarkable woman namely.


  1. Christy Walton: These amiable woman happens to be among the richest in the world with an awesome unity with her family in the same business,she is in possession of 11,000 stores of wal-mart around the world,she is a party to walton’s familiy who founded the American supermarket chain. Christy Walton’s net worth is $41.7 billion.


  2.  Liliane Bettencourt: This 93 years old grand mother who is a businesswoman, a philanthropist and a socialist,she happens to be the richest in Europe but in the world she is on the second list,she operates an empire which was founded by her father namely Eugene Schueller in the year 1907,she also have stake in the company from Nestle. Liliane Bettencourt’s net worth is $40.1 billion.

3.   Alice Walton: This woman is an In law to the richest woman in the world above,her riches today also sprang forth from Wal-Mart,her father was the founder of Wal-Mart group of companies.Alice Walton’s net worth is $39.4 billion.

4.  Jacqueline Mars:On the forth of the list is Jacqueline Mars who has two brother namely Forrest Jr. and John, own Mars – the largest manufacturer of confectionery in the world.she is among the most powerful and opulent lady in the world which is 76 of age.Jacqueline Mars’s net worth is $26.6 billion.

5.   Maria Franca Fissolo: She is 98 of age which is a citizen of Italy,among all other opulent women she happens to be the oldest this made her the oldest billionaire in the world,she is a widow of Michele Ferrero who in the past built Ferrero Group into one of the most iconic confectionery companies in the world.Maria Franca Fissolo’s net worth is $23.4 billion.

    6. Beate Heister: Aldi supermarket chain was built by Beate Heister with an awesome support from her brothers,Heister shares a net worth of $21.3 billion.

    7.  Laurene Powell Jobs:This lady is a widow whose late husband is namely late Steve Jobs her real fortune came from Apple and a Disney of 7.7 per cent stake,she is the owner and founder of Emerson collective,she is 52 of age,Laurene Powell jobs’s net Worth is $19.5 billion.

 8.  Anne Cox Chambers:This is an elegant grand mother who was born in the year 1919 (97 years) in America,she holds major stocks of Cox Enterprises Company that deal with communication,media and most reliable/recently the automotive business.she has a net worth of $17 billion.

9.  Susanne Klatten:Susanne Klatten owns 100 per cent of a pharmaceutical corporation called Altana AG,she is the richest lady in Germany,she was born in the year 1962,she gets her major portion of her wealth from BMW company.
She lives with her husband Jan and three children in Bad Homburg vor der Hoehe.Susanne Klatten’s net worth is $16.8 billion.

10. Abigail Johnson: she was born in the year 1961,she is the president and CEO of fidelity investment,she has really done well for herself,due to what we have heard about her it shows she is a very strong woman.she is apparently from America.she worth $13.1 billion.

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