The Nigeria Army Salary Structure And Rate Of Payment


Nigeria Army Salary Structure – here is a point concerning Nigeria Army which can not be eschew,myriad times i have come across confabulate discussions on Nigeria Army monthly salary.Their it came to my notice that so many people really want to know about it; most especially our young youths maybe they have the mind set of joining/acquitted with the Army.
Joining the Army is not an easy task some people call it mad man job but the truth is that the Army deserve a better treat because their life is on their job,i call them inanimate they are lifeless though they are alive. Well at the end of our discussion today you will decide your fact.
These payment is based the ranks each occupy;lets osculate the aim of we been here.
The Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2017
Private Soldier receive about ==> N48 to 49,000 Monthly
Lance Corporal receive about ==> N54 to 55,000 Monthly
Corporal receive ==> N58,000 Monthly
Sergeant receive ==> N63,000 Monthly
Staff Sergeant receive ==> N68,000 Monthly
Warrant Officer receive ==> N80,000 Monthly
Master Warrant Officer receive ==> N90,000 Monthly

Nigerian Army Salary Structure For Commission Officers
Second Lieutenant receives ==> N120,000 Monthly
Lieutenant receive ==> N180,000 or little above Monthly
Captain receive ==> N220,000 Monthly
Major receive ==> N300,000 Monthly
Lt. Colonel receive ==> N350,000 Monthly
Colonel receive ==> N550,000 Monthly
Brigadier General receive ==> N750,000 Monthly
Major General receive ==> N950,000 Monthly
Lt. General receive ==> N1 million Monthly
General receive ==> N1.5 million Monthly

Our young once maybe salutary to the above information provided by

we are always at your door steps vanquish your ignorance.

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