Start a business today with low capital

It is unfortunate that in our world of today so many unemployed youths are roaming all about jobless,some are confuse on what to do with their small capital they have,why some are waiting to make enough money before they carryout any job of their choice.After the discussion of today i promise you;you shall make the right choice of business.
Before we start our discussion proper;we shall bring to your door step how you can find out for yourself,first hand and how people will be interested in your proposed product or service.The first important in business is that before you make any choice for a business you must first of all go for a research about that the business you have in mind,try and ask people their opinion about the business and choose a suitable place that befit that business of yours.
Have you ever wanted to be a boss on your own and take special control of everything,working at home using spare rooms or making use of your one room as a business point and also your residence,you do not have to wait any longer,here naijarecruitment will give you some money making ideas,try as mush as possible to make use of any of your choice it might be the plain road to your success.they will further be listed below.
All these listed above will be talked on below.

     1.CAMPUS SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER:As it known by all; photographing is a beautiful,interesting and simple job to establish,photographer are very much popular in campus till this very day,it starts with registering with the school and further more enjoy your work especially when an event is on going e g matriculation day,graduation day,convocation day and so on,apart from events some people/student will like to keep memories of their campus activities this is where photographers also comes in.To start it up;you do not really need much capital,cameras are cheap or even without capital to invest in professional cameras you can better still rent.

  2.AQUARIUM BUSINESS :This very business is a great and successful business to establish,it can be carried out at a space maybe the backyard of your house,it those not really need much,this business requires a decent investment in equipment because so many people who wishes to buy always like going for the best among all.just in case you don’t know AQUARIUM is a public space/place where live fish and other aquatic animals are many people are interested in these business but are afraid of the capital to start up with,don’t be because you can start small with sum amount of N20,000 or less and look at for something big as outcome.forks should try this business and see.
3.PLANTAIN CHIPS:This is another wonderful business which so forks really need to venture into,as it is all known plantain chip making is one of the fastest growing business in Nigeria because so many Nigerains so much love eating plantain chip,Chips can be gotten from sliced plantain after removing the skin/peels,It is very easy to carryout they are cut vertically to create Plantain strips.before leting it out for sale just make sure you include a lebel where your contact address,name of your venture and phone number,so asd fgor people to get back to you when can be establish with little SUM of N10,000.

     4.RESTAURANT:As it is all known no one can do without feeding,food is a necessity of life,before thinking of clothes and shelter food comes first among all.these very business is one of the surest business anyone who really knows how to carry it out.if you really want to know about it take preview look at mama ebo peper rice,madam no complain,madam best,they all started small and right at these moment they are doing can be establish with a capital between N20,000 -N50,000.

 5. SMALL POULTRY: Before starting this business you must first of all consider the cash at hand,it those not really need too much,you can start up this business with at list N10,000 or more .this same business can be carried out from your backyard with 50 to 500 birds,this business also require cash which will be use for the purchase of pen,feed and medication.just in case you don’t have any ideal on how to carry it out you can employ somebody who has great experience,with time you will found out gaining a lot from it.

 6.FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTER:All most everybody/houses in Africa these days has a satellite dish system which is either DSTV,GOTV,STARTTIME ETC.having all of these why don’t you make something awesome come out of many people this days finds it interesting watching sports,money can be extort by opening a free space which more than one people can sit,with a TV set properly connected to the satellite/sport stations..before you could imagine club supporters will come argue and make fun out of what you have balance it up refreshment spot can also be organised there with the sales of biscuits,gala, etc.

   7.BET CENTER:This is another way of making money,it also all about sports,it involves organizing a center/room which in it has computers for online sport bet..example betnaija, bet360 nairabet etc.multiples of people comes pay you for a game code to be played online just like many people find pressure in carrying out this business you can also try yours and you will not regret opening can be set open with at most N100,000.

   8.BARBING SALON:Barbing is a profession which so many of our youths are into today,it really pays well when you know how to do it,to establish these is easy as far you have an ideal on how to barb,low capital is required in carrying it out,all needed is a space no matter how small it is,A Clipper,A Gen, just in case of no electricity,Chairs etc.having all of these you are set-tingly ready for the job.

Put a try to any of  these 8 points of business ideals..and face no regrets..more info

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