What is Nigeria Postal and Zip codes clear your doubt

we are here with another great news for you just to keep you inform for if you are not informed it is setting you will be deformed so it’s our responsibility to keep the undoubted news on going,we are always at your door steps with the correct news as to avoid rumors/lies.it is a pity that must of this rumors are gotten from internet (some blog sites) here is to keep you with the truth,i have made myself itinerant just to come out with correct information.
I will b letting known to you about the aim of this post ”Nigeria states postal codes”it’s eavesdrop when i heard few persons talking about this issue postal codes in Nigerian states,i was really shocked because it was all turned outside down,so i decided to make this for ALL especially those who don’t know much about it.
Some folks will ask what this is all about? it will be made known to you that for a letters,parcels,goods et cetera et cetera to be delivered to the right destination the postal code is needed.
 These states will listed in an alphabetical order.
Abuja 900001
Abia 440001
Adamawa 640001
Akwa-ibom 520001
Anambra 420001
Bauchi 740001
Borno 6000001
Delta 320001
Edo 300001
Enugu 400001
Imo 460001
Jigawa 720001
Kano 700001
Kaduna 800001
Kastina 820001
Kebbi 860001
Kogi 260001
Kwara 240001
Lagos (island) 101001
Lagos (mainland) 100001
Niger 920001
Ogun 110001
Ondo 340001
Osun 230001
Oyo 200001
Plateau 930001
Rivers 500001
Sokoto 840001
Taraba 660001
Yobe 320001
Ebony 840001
From now onward you won’t be a tyro on this path i will forward more present ”ZIP CODES”.
just note that Zip codes which is an acronym of Zone Improvement Plan are only use or apply to the United States for they do not regard postal codes from other countries.apart from the United States other countries uses it,its also use for delivering. Just in case forms online rejects this 110001 or 23401 use other below.
Nigeria zip code: 00176-0000 .

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