Most richest man in Nigeria And In Africa

By the name Alhaji Dangote was born in Kano in the year 1957,his success started with the small capital his grand Father gave him to start up with,he then started business in Kanu in 1977 in commodities and also building facilities.
He later move to Lagos to increase is knowledge about his job,he insisted on trading on cements and other things he really increased in his business to the extent that he was partnered/incorporated with two companies their in 1981..afterward he made up a group called Dangote Group.

          Present achievement of Dangote
1.The sugar refinery at Apapa port,Lagos.
2.National salt company of Nigeria at ota, Ogun state.
3.Vehicle leasing unit with not less than 100 fully air conditioned buses.
4.he has nationwide staff strength of not less than 22,000.
5. Dangote textile and Nigeria textile.

There are still so many more,which are not included here.. All of this establishment was all organized by was really not a day job they where so many challenges everywhere but he was steadfast in his work,he was determined and dedicated to his work and finally came out the richest man in Nigeria and in general Africa.. Alhaji Aliko Dangote,was the first Nigeria billionaire & in Africa rated by Forbes Magazine in 2008, he had wealth estimation of about 3.3 billion dollars,he is still the richest up till date.
so many youths of our day are not ready to pay sacrifice,they are not ready to be patient with their work they need what comes quick, that why there is still suffering today..start small and aim big and also work toward it,Alhaji Dangote was not a graduate before he stated making a lot of money,he believed on his please i advice everyone including myself that even if you are not a graduate make something out of your life,every man created by God has an awesome talent which God created with you,it those not need education before it start manifesting itself,so please believe in your self and believe in your talent,just try to organised something and see the very out come of it.

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