Most expensive house in Nigeria

It has been a controversial conversation among people on the most expensive house in teams of building structure in Nigeria. naijarecruitment is here to quench that urge/curiosity  you have in knowing the right answer.we shall be discussing intimately on the best and most beautiful building/house in Nigeria.
These house in question is a building which was built for good four years,the awesome owner took his time on building this very beautiful structure of a house.on your greatest surprise this house is not owned by any celebrity,i know most people will be waiting to hear that this building is own by one famous person,to be sincerely speaking now i know there are so many wealthy men who are just quite about their wealth..this man is by the name Okwudili Umenyiora. you might not know him because that name is not a popular one..

Just hold on so that i can take you to the next issue about this beautiful house.
It was reveal by the owner of this building Mr Okwudili Umenyiora that the building apparently took him FOUR good years before completing it,there are so many beautiful house in Nigeria but this very one is spectacular,Mr Dily which is the nickname of Mr Okwudili said the building took him the estimate of $10 million,what an amount.the very building comprises of an inner swimming pool,elevator to the last floor and a beautiful garage.

I mean well for you all,am not just going to stop here am taking you to see this very house we are talking about for you to be clarify that we naijarecruitment gives the fact and truth..if you want to doubt go confirm yourself and prove me wrong.this very building is located in Lagos state.. HERE ARE THE PHOTOS.


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