How You Can Buy Airtime/Credit Directly From Your Bank

All GTB,Firstbank,Union bank, Skyye banks etc account operators are to be notified that having your phone credited won’t be a problem anymore,i am here to give you the guard line on how to go about it.

Technology has improved our way of living to the extent that right from your various homes you can buy airtime directly from your bank.
I will explicitly illustrate the Airtime purchase procedures on First bank,Diamond bank, Union bank Access bank, Skye bank or GTB bank. E.C.T.
Friends and relatives can also benefit from your purchase if you wish,you can use your phones or your ATM card which requires you to use your CARD and your four digit numbers.

Below are the guards
we will be starting with First bank.

How to buy Airtime from Firstbank

This service allows FirstBank account operators in topping up their mobile lines directly and instantly by dialing this code *894*amount# from their mobile phones eg *894*2000#.
Note that: The value is deducted from the customer’s Bank account while the same value is credited to the customer’s mobile line. use of ATM card is not required.

 How to buy Airtime from GTB

Its easy just Dial *737*amount# and SEND from your mobile phone (This is accessible using all types of mobile devices). E.g. *737*2000#.
To send airtime recharge to family or friend, simply dial *737*Amount*Friends No#. E.g. *737*2000*08148379132#.

How To Buy Airtime/ Credit From Static IBTC Bank

Just Dial *909*Amount# if you banking with them e.g *909*2000#

CLICK THIS: Link on how to check your data balance on MTN,GLO,AIRTEL,ETISALAT

How To Buy Airtime/Credit From Zenith Bank

Just Dial *320*Amount# and SEND from your mobile phone e.g *320*2000#.
Note that:You can only recharge maximum of N5,000 daily.

How To Buy Airtime/Credit From Skype Bank

For Skype Bank recharge Simply Dial *389*076*1*Amount# SEND from your mobile phone.e.g*389*076*1*2000#

How To Buy Airtime From FCM Bank

For FCM Bank Simply Dial *389*214*Amount# and SEND. e.g *389*214*2000#

How To Buy Airtime From Eco Bank

Simply Dial *326*Amount# and SEND. *326*2000#

How to buy Airtime from Union Bank

Just for Union Bank holders simply dial *389*032*AMOUNT#. eg *389*032*2000#

How to buy Airtime from Diamond Bank

For diamond bank holders simply *302*AMOUNT# from your mobile number you registered with the bank.

How Ho Buy Airtime/Credit From Fidelity Bank

Simply dial *770*Amount#. e.g *770*2000#.

It is a privilege to enunciably give you the guards;it as easy as you see .
Note that:if you are recharging your personal phone you must not make use of someone ease phone it must be done through your mobile number which was registered with the bank.

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