How to Write an Employment Verification Letter for a Loan

Before the bank can issue out loan to any individual there are some perspective they take good look at,the bank can not just issue out loan without verifying if the applicant is capable or if he/she have the capability of paying back the money loaned to him/her at the due time.The employment verification letter is very much important to the banks just for them to be aware that the applicant works and is really capable of paying back at the right time (This being CAPABLE means the applicant actually working at the particular place where he states in the letter that he does and that he income/earns as much as he has declared/stated)..

So many wealthy men in the country today are all involved in loan taking just to boost up a business or a project at hand and so many folks will be asking how they carryout all of this loan taking,it is an easy task to follow.carefully peruse the steps below just in case you don’t know how the write up is done.


 The steps will be as follows
Step 1
For the Write up to be well furnished the letter must be in quality business format/layout on company’s letterhead.
Type in the date and the mailing address of the recipient in the header. Address the letter to the specific lender, if your employee provides you with this information. Substitute “To Whom It May Concern:” or “Dear Sir or Madam:” if the employee needs a general letter to provide to multiple lenders.

Step 2
Without beating round just go straight to the point by Stating the purpose of the letter, listing the name of the employee, the employee’s rate of pay and the number of hours the employee works each week. If the employee regularly receives approved overtime, you may wish to include this information, as well.

Step 3
Leave out the employee’s address, details regarding the employee’s benefits or other personal information to the lender. Although laws vary by state, if you disclose confidential information, you could be held liable for defamation or even violating the employee’s civil rights.

Step 4
Include your name, job title and contact information. Inform the lender that you are available should further information or clarification be required.

Step 5
End the letter with a cordial closing and your typed name. Print the letter and add your signature in ink.
  Or take on a sample Employment Verification Letter below

Authority name of the concerned company

His/her designation

Name of company

Company address


Name of bank authority

His/her designation

Bank name

Bank address

RE: employment verification for (name of the loan applicant)

Dear (name of the Bank authority)

Signature of the authority

Name of the authority


Company name

                                                          Here is an example of  Employment Verification Letter

January 8, 2015

Mr. William Zanders
ABC Company
44 Warm Spring Road
Henderson, NV 62846

Dear Mr. Zanders:

I received a request for employment and income verification of Ms. Brittany Spears who is applying for a home loan from Company. Ms. Spears has been employed with Capital City Inc. for six years (from February 2008). Her official title at the company is Project Manager.

Ms. Spears is presently drawing an annual salary of $78,000 and is due for an evaluation and possible promotion in March 2015. She averages about 20-25 hours of overtime each week and is reimbursed on 22% higher than the said salary as overtime pay. She is in good standing with her coworkers and underlings and is in no threat of laying-off as Capital City Inc. has been consistently keeping above the waters even during times of recession.

Since Ms. Spears employment is not on a contract basis, she will be working with us until she decides to leave herself. A copy of her last salary slip is enclosed with this letter for your reference. Please feel free to call me at 08129834241 if you need any further information.

Best regards,

Darwin Cooper
Project Director
Capital City Inc.
718 Greenvalley Parkway
Henderson, NV 72645

Hope you found all that you have been looking for here,if you are not okay with that there is no other under the planet because this is the must standard Employment Verification Letter.

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