Top 5 Female Musicians 2017 And Opulent Rate

The year 2017 has been another great year for Nigeria’s music industry as we have witnessed the growth of several superstars with hit songs,endorsement and more.This list take into account the opulent female musician in Nigeria from last year 2016 till date.however,in no particular order, is so much   naijarecuitment 

Top 5 Richest Comedian in Nigeria

5 Richest Comedians Forgive us we will be grandiloquent in writing about these opulent personnel,most especially the well know king of comedy,the man who has been always their for the up-coming stars,it is pellucid that due to his jester extraordinaire he is well respected among other comedians,these king is no


It is a relief that Nigeria Nollywood industry has achieve great height in the world that they happened to be seen or rated among the highest in the world. Their fabulous growth has really done well for them, these actresses has also won several awards for themselves and they are