2017 Top 10 most Populated Church in Nigeria

If i must say what is Christianity?the word christian means CHRIST LIKE so we say Christianity is the practices of Christ,just before Christ left  the earth he planted so many trees which is still growing fruits till today,one of these tree is the house of God ‘CHURCH’explicitly talk about,there are so many religion around Nigeria today that play a very vital roll,specifically Christianity which has really grown around the world to the extent that without any prejudice they happily attend with great trust.At this serene state i diligently enunciate to you the most populated churches in Nigeria..There is really no cause of alarm because the list below will definitely be enunciable.

These listing will be done in descending other
10. House on the rock
9. Latter rain assembly
8. Synagogue church of all nations
7. Covenant christian centre
6. Fountain of life church
5. Lord’d chosen charismatic revival
4. Day star christian centre
3. Christ embassy
2. Living faith church
1. Redeemed christian church of God
They are other populated churches in Nigeria but among all we have come into total conclusion without illusion or misapprehension that the above Pentecostal churches are the must populated church in Nigeria. They will be vividly talked about.
10.  House on the Rock:This is a church that has so many daughter church spreading around Africa,it is a multi-ethnic church with more than 7000 members per Sunday service,this awesome church in question is heard by Paul Adeferasin as the senior pastor.
   9.   Latter rain Assembly: The word of God is power,this very man was a Muslim but today he is the head of a great church; he is by the name Barake Tunde.
   8.  Synagogue Church of all Nations: SCOAN as an acronym is a congregation/church that has great influence on families,foreigners and tourists.
  7.   Covenant Christian centre: This is a very popular church which was founded in the year 1994 by our beloveth pastor Bishop David Oyedekpo.
  6. Fountain of life Church: This great church of God with over 8000 members per Sunday was founder in the year 1992 by two persons namely Taiwo and Bimbo Odokoya now it has gone far and near,the church is presently headed by Taiwo Odukoya.
  5.   Lord’d Chosen Charismatic revival: This honored church happens to be on the 5th list of the top 10 most populated church in Nigeria,it has less or equal to 1 million members.
  4.   Day star Christian centre: Greatness begins from a scratch this very honorable man by name pastor Sam Adeyemi really started from the start but today he is the senior pastor to a well recognized church of God.
  3.   Christ Embassy: Also known as believers world which is heard by pastor Chris Oyakhilome,he was well honored few months back with a Doctorate degree ,he has a TV channel which are three in numbers.
  2.      Living Faith Church:This is also a great church of GOD headed by Bishop David Oyedikpo,he was born in the year 1954 September 27th, he hailed from Osogbo. This very church is of so many branches which maybe of the same Sunday service population with house on the rock.
  1.         Redeemed Christian church of God:It is a holy church of God founded in the year 1952 by rev Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi after few years of Pastor he then choose Enoch Adeboye in the year 1973 till today this church happens to be the largest populated church in Nigeria with over 2 million members.

Now we come to the conclusion..Note that though there are so many churches around but the fact is that we are all serving the same God,so having believing on different doctories those not really mean we are not of one God,so i beseech all to always be of good faith and all attention should be directly to our GOD.

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