2017 Shortest man and woman in Nigeria

Getting all of this information were not really easy due to the fact that information gotten from naijarecruitment are explicit and enunciable,we went to the extent of extracting information from other well know blogger’s site,that’s to say we are always at your service to render special service to you in an  amiable manner.At this very junction we will take you down to the discussion of today which happens to be the most shortest man and woman in Nigeria that’s to say for those who has been thinking that Aki and Pawpaw are the smallest men in Nigeria am here to quench that believe of your that its all fallacy,though they are very short but they are not basically the shortest in Nigeria.Today naijarecreuitment will be of great privilege to summit to you the shortest man and woman in Nigeria.

I was shocked when i heard that the shortest woman in Nigeria is a graduate who did her NYSC in the year 2012,its really beautiful despite her physical predicament she was still able to carry out her education ,;what an esteem determination; i personally applaud her for that,so many people would have made use of their physical imbalance to extort money from people,it’s really different strokes for different folks.

These two personnel made different decisions in life they both saw life in different forms one made its self a liability while the other decided to make good use of its life, today we will unveil to you which of them made good use of the opportunity given.The shortest man in Nigeria happened to be a man who chooses to be a beggar who begs for arm at Oshodi, Lagos. but the shortest woman had an excellent orientation of going to school despite her physical challenge,the name of this man is unknown while the name of this woman is Evelyn Ochepe.
Below are the awesome photos of these great people.

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