12-yr-old Nigerian rapper challenges olamide to a contest–watch video.

It is a pleasure to say that as the saying goes>> ”The Young Shall Grow” truly speaking the young shall grow,to prove this saying ;i bring to you Master Oluwatobi Akanbi the youngest star ever liveth who discovered his talent at a very young age,what a lucky boy he is,so many persons in Nigeria today discovered their talent at an old age which then becomes difficult to function as it ought to be,it is funny enough to say that this young master discover at the age of six (6).
This wonderful news was capture by naija.com in a function in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital,this event was a National Drums Festival where this young bold master performed awesomely on stage.
Funny enough this young master went forward to name himself a nickname ‘T-rapper’which happens to be is musical name.
To be more descriptive this young master was putting on a traditional Adire outfit on a pair of jeans trousers.
I must confess after listening to his fabulous rap i was shocked; I guess so you will be after listening to it too,his remarks where awesome,amicable.
Guess what after he rounded up with the stage he was interviewed by some correspondent where he was made to rap in form of freestyle,this young lord started rapping bringing up a challenge with Olamide a Nigerian artist.
To save time just listen to the video below.


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